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What Clients Are Saying about Coaching/Empowerment

Rabbi M., USA

“Amidst the tumult of personal and professional demands, working with Miriam provides a supportive space to discern my challenges clearly and to determine intentional and constructive responses. Miriam's insight and intuition, creativity and compassion help me to live and work more effectively and with greater ease, satisfaction and meaning.”


What Clients Are Saying about Bar and Bat Mitzvah

“It was perfect, everything we had hoped for and more.”

A. S., San Francisco

“Thank you thank you thank you! I could not have imagined a nicer service. The southern wall was intimate and personal. I so appreciated the time that you spent explaining the service as well as leading us in prayer and meditation. The sounds of drums and songs in the background were perfect. The western wall was loud and chaotic. We loved it! Thank you for being so open, flexible and creative with the service. It was so special for Morgan and the rest of the family. You are a beautiful person and I feel very blessed to have crossed paths.”

Allison Carmen, Manhattan

“Rabbi Miriam, I have wanted to become Bat Mitzvah for many decades and I finally had the chance to do it at Robinson’s Arch with you officiating and a group of ten dear friends. Thank you for making my dream a reality! It was exactly what I had hoped for. My heart is full, and I am leaving Israel on a high, hopefully to return again soon.”

Myrna Smith, Toronto

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