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I grew up in Montreal in a not so religious Conservative family.  I earned a BA in International Relations from Harvard University, an MA and Ordination from the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem, and a Doctorate of Theology in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from the University of Theology and Spirituality. I am a life coach and one of Israel’s first hospital chaplains, accredited in the US and Israel after 1600 hours of pastoral studies and clinical experience.

I was Assistant Rabbi at the Park Avenue Synagogue in NY and an adult educator in Boca Raton, Florida where I wrote Taking the Plunge: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to the Mikveh. Returning to Israel in 2008 I founded Kashouvot: Advancing Pastoral Care with Rabbi Valerie Stessin to introduce spiritual care to Israeli healthcare. I provided spiritual care at the St. Louis French Hospital for five years in English, French, Hebrew and Russian and directed Kashouvot until 2019. I currently work on special projects for Kashouvot and mentor chaplains worldwide through the NY-based Spiritual Care Association.

I live in Jerusalem and perform life-cycle events for Israelis and visitors, teach and write, locally and internationally. I find my spiritual center in nature and through pottery, which integrates my spiritual and practical aspects. I help people of all ages and cultures/ faiths navigate life transitions and figure out their life's purpose, using the best combination of life coaching and pastoral care tools. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation in Jerusalem or remotely, please get in touch today.

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